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Skórki BSPlayer
BSP - WMP 11
utworzone przez: Scooter20 (Romania)    Więcej elementów tego autora (7 skórki)
BSP - WMP 11
Wszystkie głosy: 864
Yet Another WMP11 skin for BS.Player! :D
Anyone knows WMP11 so there's no need for a lot of comments. I just want to say that I tried to make this skin to mimic WMP11 as much as possible. I hope you like it! Enjoy!
Pobrania: 183915
Komentarze: 28
Apr 16, 2007
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by guest, Dec 27, 2016
this one is really good, nice long 2nd bar (i would still prefer full screen long) and classic sound volume bar for me thanks
by Scooter20 (Romania), May 11, 2009
by guest, Jan 12, 2009
super skin, bravo!!!
by Scooter20 (Romania), May 4, 2008
Thanks man!
by guest, Dec 25, 2007
Felicitari! Un lucru bine facut! Design deosebit! Numai cuvinte de lauda! Excelent skin!
by guest, Nov 21, 2007
skinu lu' omycron e mai tare parerea mea.... si asteptam versiunea2 din cate am auzit
by jamie Philp, Sep 18, 2007
I love a little BS player skin after supa
Finally Justice Has Been Done
by Scooter20 (Romania), Jun 20, 2007
Finally Justice Has Been Done ... This skin is back on top!
by guest, Jun 19, 2007
LOLL. . you again..??? you are a shame for this site!
by José Antonio Vico Alba, Jun 18, 2007
jajajajajaja !!!!!!!
by guest, Jun 18, 2007
So for 100 votes you need now 100 ips.. cool - i'm a friend of Scooter20 , i'm lokakamara
by guest, Jun 18, 2007
i just veryfied.... admins did a good job... Congratulations! now users cannot vote from the same ip more then one time.. (i don;t know the interval yet)....
by guest, Jun 18, 2007
lokakamara but now this skin is voted negatively by that guy.. he probably have an variable IP or connects througth an proxy... he is a cheater!!,, but his skins are no more here..
good job admin
by guest, Jun 18, 2007
If an admin delete that spanish skins, it did a good job... he was a cheater and voted other skins negatively so that he stay in top....
that poor guy from Spain [2]
by guest, Jun 18, 2007
ng of the visitors decide the highest rated skin.... that guy from spain... is a.... and don;t deserve to be anymore in this community..... I think administrators of the site delete his skins... the 2 skins..
that poor guy from Spain
by guest, Jun 18, 2007
JAVA-11 by José Antonio Vico Alba - -- - - this is the name of the cheater... he is stil voting this skin.... he whants to be with his skin on the first place... he doesn't like the fact that other people have the right to decide wich skin is the best... and let the rati
by guest, Jun 18, 2007
Fixed, permanent IP ban and deleted multiple votes from one IP.
CRAZYYYYY !!!!! :)
by guest, Jun 17, 2007
CRAZYYYYY !!!!! :)
by Scooter20 (Romania), Jun 12, 2007
My last comment "What's that suppose to mean?" refers to somebody's previous comment that was deleted and not to my own comments!
by Scooter20 (Romania), Jun 10, 2007
What's that suppose to mean?
Incredible downfall ..
by Scooter20 (Romania), Jun 8, 2007
That vandal managed to drop my skin's rating from 4,8 to 1,49 in just a few days. As you can see the number of vote increased from around 400 to over 4650 in a few days. He/she must have been really jealous of this skin.
Unbelievable ..
by Scooter20 (Romania), Jun 8, 2007
I agree with the last comment, never mind the rating and keep downloading my skin, because it is the best WMP11 port for BSPlayer and do not let that vandal, whoever he/she is, win!!
by guest, Jun 8, 2007
Unfortunately somebody keeps rating my skin badly, and as you can see this skin is not first anymore, thanks to that vandal. Nevertheless I encourage you to keep downloading this skin, because it's the WMP11 skin for BSP!!
Best one
by guest, May 23, 2007
I'm stuck with this skin... i love it :D
by guest, May 13, 2007
Very Cool!!!
by guest, Apr 20, 2007
very good.. but it's look like wmp11 for xp try to do like wmp11 for vista......
by guest, Apr 20, 2007
very good!!!!! keep going
Tell me your opinion
by Scooter20 (Romania), Apr 17, 2007
Comments are welcomed! Please tell me what do you think about this skin I made!