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Визуални стилове за BS.Player
създаден от: Sam Stephenson (
Общо гласове: 119
Изтегляния: 33955
Коментари: 6
Изпратен на:
May 10, 2006
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by guest, Sep 20, 2011
I've searched like crazy for this skin. The most simple and awesome skin from the whole gallery! Wouldn't recomend anything else! I've been using this one for as 5 years! :)
Great Skin
by guest, Mar 5, 2009
I havent used BSPlayer for a while. Now i reinstalled and searched a while for this skin, it is just the best.
Indeed, I keep coming back as well
by guest, Jan 28, 2009
"I've tried to use other skins over time but always came back to this one." really says it all. I dont reinstall often, but when I do I always try to find a new skin, I always end up back with pancake. If this was part of the base package I wouldnt even bother looking for
Great Skin
by guest, Sep 16, 2008
Ideal skin for super player. That\\\'s a pitty if it isn\\\'t placed in installation package as base skin. Keep developin\\\' it man !
proven to be the best
by guest, Apr 24, 2008
I've tried to use other skins over time but always came back to this one. It's small and pretty. That's all I need. Great stuff! Thanks!
perfect skin
by guest, Jul 9, 2007
my favourite skin, i use it during years... small, elegant, nice colors and design, and with the essential buttons. Perfect.