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BS.Player 2.12 with new features is released!

  •  * all configuration files will now be saved in common folder, by default configuration files are in Application Data folder (C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\BSplayer), if you wish to have all files in BSplayer installation folder then just copy/create file BSplayer.xml there and all configuration files will be saved in installation folder
  • + added 'Jump to file' option
  • + added experimental support for IPTV (multicast MPEG2 TS streams (udp://@x.x.x.x:PORT))       
  •  - fixed problems with some rar archives
  •  - if movie is playing it won't be interrupted anymore when CD/DVD is inserted
  • - taskbar button will stay hidden if minimized to tray
  • - some other bug fixes and changes (detailed list of bug fixes can be found here)