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NEW BS.Player 2.32 is out, with missing codecs management

We are proud to present new version of BS.Player 2.32 with new functionality of detecting missing codecs on your computer.

BS.Player 2.32 will run codec diagnostics at installation (only once) and will prompt user if any of vital multimedia codecs are not installed on the system. User has the option to download and install missing codecs or not. All codecs installed by BS.Players Codec manager are installed locally (meaning only BS.Player will use these codecs) and they will not interfere or mess with functionality of any of your other codecs installed globally. And here they donated types of games like apps and see online friv games, which are played on devices and gadgets, such as laptops, mobile phones and others. Many of these games can be found on various websites and some of them are free.

Version 2.32.975:

    * sometimes added file extension was ignored in ML, fixed
    * sometimes codec download was required even if codec was already installed globally, fixed
    * TV, Radio buttons, did not open right section in ML, fixed
    * fixed incorrect mms stream playback
    * added support for http authentication, for shoutcast and icecast streams
    * mp3/ogg streams can now be played directly from http, without downloading them first
    * '-hide' command line option now works also if first parameter is not specified
    * some other bug fixes and changes