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Aparências do BSPlayer
White Spirit
Criado por: Pheek Lastname
White Spirit
Total de votos: 171
seeking bar bug fixed
Downloads: 68091
Comentários: 7
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Jan 9, 2007
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by guest, Jul 17, 2014
best and simplest awesome bottom screen in full screen
skin comment
by guest, Sep 15, 2013
best skin ever, simplest, yet full functional especially in fullscreen
skin comment
by guest, Jul 14, 2012
after so many years this skin is still the best and most usable, especially in fullscrenn!
white spirit skin
by guest, May 8, 2011
This skin should be integrataed as default skin. Cleanest, most functional skin I have tried with bsplayer... Especially in full screen where most of skins fall down
This the best skin. Period.
by guest, Apr 23, 2011
This the best skin. Period.
simple, clean, excellent.
by guest, Sep 19, 2009
My favourite skin, because its very clean and functional! Right now i\\\'m looking for a HD-version of it, with the full search-bar that comes down when you move the mouse to the bottom of the screen in full-screen mode being 1920px. in width.
Con estilo
by guest, Jan 27, 2007
Muy bueno!!