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Minimal.Light.Black.Red v0.11 by PSY
Criado por: PSY - Psychoses    Mais deste autor (8 skins)
Minimal.Light.Black.Red v0.11 by PSY
Total de votos: 135
Just few change of the base skin with a new theme in black/white and red.
Enjoy ;)

23 august 2013 - v0.11 :

-playlist skin added.
-new blue color added.

29 may 2013 - v0.10 :

-theme fully reworked.
-full screen skin added.
-new menu for pan scan, aspect ratio and skins added.
Downloads: 170167
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May 29, 2013
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nice skin
by guest, Jun 29, 2013
Tnx bro, nice skin.. One small suggestion - if you can do progress bar with a border, it would be even better