Ooh Long Johnson
作成者  : Rafael Spurio
Ooh Long Johnson
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Very simple, not fancy skin that get the job done, designed to have a huge trackbar, when you need to jump to specific parts, a big track bar helps. Couldn't make the pause button to work when on full screen, don't know why, I appreciate if anyone do this.
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Nov 28, 2012


by guest, Dec 17, 2012
How to make a Skin for BS.Player (Video for Beginners) Like me. I hope this will help you. Success All.
by J D, Dec 13, 2012
Rafael, To make buttons work in full screen. Just copy button info from skin.ini and replace skinfs.ini button info. Same .bmp so nothing moves. Btn1=exit,1000,5,1,77;exit Btn2=minimize,970,4,2,110;minimize Btn3=ope,880,2,0,63;open movie file Btn4=pause,378,49,0,21;pause Btn5=play,478,49,0,20;play Btn6=stop,578,49,0,22;stop Btn7=subs,800,2,0,62;load subtitles Btn8=minus,776,5,0,84; Btn9=plus,756,5,0,83;
by guest, Dec 3, 2012
How to make a Skin BS.Player. Go to Forum ==>>
by Rafael Spurio, Dec 1, 2012
Would love to see some new features as "go back" and "go forward" 1, 5, 10 or/and 30 seconds. Sometimes we want to check what are the best subtitles, so we watch less than 1 minute, change subtitles, and see how the others go on the same part. This is functional specially if we want brazilian subtitles, not portuguese subtitles where the video says some specific parts as "garotas", that we look for, and "raparigas", or "legal" and not "fixe", that are some "BRAZILIAN" TO PORTUGUESE EQUIVALENTS, that is hwere the rackbar is so important. Tried to go to the forums but is asked for another register, and this is so boring, consumes too much time to ask for a feature. The other correction for this could be adding portuguese subtitles suport, naming it as POB, where we download it,
by guest, Dec 1, 2012
The skin I use is prophecy 2, all others are visually fancy, I just needed a functional one, so I created this for myself. Still waiting for some talented artists to adopt this ideas to be simple, long, and functional. That is not my thing.
by guest, Nov 29, 2012
Go to the forum. Where we can help more.
by Dany Dany, Nov 28, 2012
Use Photoshop is the best. for image editing
by guest, Nov 28, 2012
You can do better than that. I think