BS.player 2.27.958 is released!

List of improvements and fixes:
  •  sometimes BS.Player would hang trying to load invalid or corrupted subtitles, fixed,
  • when 'Always on top' option was active, main window would be shown after full screen skin was hidden, fixed,
  • fixed broken subtitles support in FREE version with EVR renderer under VISTA operating system, and other minor EVR renderer improvements
  • fixed problem with frame capture when format string didn't include %A,
  • fixed problem with cut subtitles,
  • fixed problem with 'old style' playlist,
  • video window position won't be reset anymore if left outside display margin (except if entire video window is outside visible display),
  • recent items (history) won't be deleted any more after installing new version,
  • some media library fixes,
  • added menu items for repeat modes (Playback>Playback mode),
  • added option to set how many recent items (history) to keep in list,
  • and some other minor fixes.