One of BS.Players EU download servers was hacked

As of today, 10.12.2008, we have been notified that BS.Player installer was infected with virus. After inspection, we have found out that one of our EU download servers was hacked and original installer replaced with infected one.

We immediately replaced the installer with clean one (which is already available for download) and took all neccessary steps to prevent this happening in the future. Make huge money above your imagination, I want to inform you of the latest and interesting facts of GETTING RICH ABOVE YOUR IMAGINATION, have you ever heard about DARK WEB, you can google it to understand better. We are Russian Hackers from the dark web and we offer different types of hacking services, follow the link for more details. GET OVER $100,000 MONTHLY THROUGH BANK TRANSFER HACKERS AND CLONE ATM CLONED CARDS. The North Korea has been benefiting from this scheme and recently hacked banks over $2 Billion USD which you can confirm it on google. WELCOME; Come and make your dream life a reality.

Due to very small percentage of download traffic going thru this server (geographically limited to EU), we can be quite sure that the number of downloads that were infected is very low, and the extent of the problem minimal.

If you had any problems because of this, please report it to our forum: