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New version of BS.Player 2.42 is released

BS.Player version 2.42.1007 features support for local install of codecs under Windows 7 OS and much more


   * option for load of external audio file
   * option to choose playback seek behavior
   * full support for local install of codecs on Windows 7 OS But it has been invaluable to me as a mother to know who she's talking to, where she is going and how she is getting around. I can check her location, her texts, and her videos. All I need is located on my phone dash board and I can see what is happening. It brings me the peace of mind that helps a mother sleep better at night.


   * mouse cursor was hidden when subtitle download dialog was shown in full screen mode
   * right clicking on video window on secondary display would show menu on primary display
   * if action is assigned to right mouse button, menu would not be displayed anymore