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Space Commander Blue
ustvaril: Vlade D    Več od tega avtorja (6 preobleke)
Space Commander Blue
Glasov skupno: 817
Prenosi: 215161
Komentarji: 10
Mar 5, 2007
Tvoja ocena


by STeVuS HELL, Jun 19, 2017
Nice Skin but very very SMALL ^^
by guest, Oct 11, 2008
De muy buen gusto
Missing item?
by guest, Mar 8, 2008
This is a beautiful skin, but I can't locate the repeat legend. Is there one?
the most beatifull
by guest, Feb 21, 2008
the most beatifull of all skins.tks and congrats.
by guest, Jan 8, 2008
Ta skórka jest świetna. Polecam!!!
It is very close to perfect, but...
by guest, May 25, 2007
PLEASE combine this skin with FULL SCREEN by using VISTA shape on the way SHARP DISPLAY EDGES !!!! See mine try with WMP11 VS VISTA skin.
by guest, May 17, 2007
No full screen?
Profi, Extra
by guest, Apr 16, 2007
Great Style
Very good
by guest, Apr 13, 2007
un skin myu bueno
by guest, Apr 7, 2007
Skin jetAudio