BS.Player 2.10 is released!

Changes in BS.Player 2.10:

  • - some podcast fixes
  • - fixed bug with task bar (was sometimes visible in full screen)
  • - embedded vobsub subtitles are now properly disabled, also fixed crash when vobsub subtitles were disabled
  • - mouse cursor now changes when over DVD menu
  • - all characters are now allowed for file extensions
  • - explorer shell items are now properly translated when language is changed 
  • - play multiple items from explorer should work now
  • - when borderless window option was selected, window was always at 0x0, fixed
  • - fixed problem with playlist, it was not properly saved
  • - length for vbr mp3 files is now properly reported
  • - seeking with external vbr mp3 files is now working
  • - minimize button on default skin, will now minimize all windows
  • - drag & drop now works for Unicode files
  • - directory won't be in use anymore when file is closed
  • - EQ balance is now remembered
  • - fixed skin bug, 'Title' font couldn't be set
  • - some other bug fixes
  • + DVD subtitles can now be switched on/off
  • + tv,radio,podcast items can now be edited
  • + added option to optimize library database
  • + added option to delete unused genre, artist, album items
  • + it's now possible to play files from uncompressed rar archives
  • + added support for drag & drop whole directory (all items in directory are added to playlist)