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BSPlayer Megjelenési felületek (Skins)
Létrehozta: Seigo (author of original version MC-1 from 14 Nov 2003)
Összes szavazat: 73
MC-1.1 for BSplayer V1.00.808+ adopted by Artam (
Letöltések: 44113
Hozzászólások: 2
May 10, 2006
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Best simple skin fo BSPlayer
by guest, Feb 28, 2012
I couldn't find better skin for my purposes: small, excellent interface for playing avi movies so as dvd from dvd media or from hard disk. Only thing that I would change is to move Power off (Exit) button from left to the up-right corner. Thank you Seigo and Artam!
One of the best skins
by guest, Jun 30, 2008
I find this to be the best skin for BSPlayer, simple, light, bugless (so far been using it for almost 2 years). It should be in the top 10 skins. A skin for those that use any media player to play media, not to have big bubbles full of movie related / music related / etc re