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iphone style toolbar B (1024x768) (updated 3/3/07)
creado por: daniel kanas    Más por este autor (4 skins)
iphone style toolbar B (1024x768) (updated 3/3/07)
Total votos: 289
This is the 1024x768 version for a very stylish skin "iphone style toolbar" designed especially for WIDESCREEN .designed to stick on your windows toolbar as a secondary toolbar for BS player. inspiration from the new Appel iphone and windows vista. suggestions are welcomed.
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Jan 28, 2007
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3tp8Zm libffueezdiy
by guest, Apr 4, 2013
3tp8Zm libffueezdiy
by guest, Jan 21, 2010
i confirme !! waouh !!!
by guest, Dec 17, 2007
by guest, Jul 30, 2007
Great skin! But I get an error when I hit the SUB button.
Comment to problem by daniel kanas
by guest, Mar 6, 2007
Timeline toolbar works + added a close file button
by guest, Feb 23, 2007
Hey, I noticed that the timeline toolbar doesn't work for the 1024x768 version. I can't skip forward in a file. That sucks, any way you could fix that? Thanks
by guest, Feb 15, 2007
Right now I have start menu in the left side so can't use that bigger one, thanks for making smaller version. This skin is gorgeous. M.
by guest, Feb 11, 2007
very nice skin, smooth and slick