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Skins del BSPlayer
RECKO v3.16.619.187.86.666.5150g
creado por: Sean Robinett
RECKO v3.16.619.187.86.666.5150g
Total votos: 183
Reverse Engineered Complex Knock-Off

My first skin creation. Player, EQ, Fullscreen, Playlist & Media Library have been fully skinned. Tried to incorporate all options available to a degree. PL and ML are resizeable. Player has many options that appear on the right depending on the option button chosen,then will disappear when same button is pressed. Version is just to make fun of some software programs.

Hope you enjoy it!
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Comentarios: 4
Mar 17, 2009
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by guest, Feb 23, 2013
dobrá práce, good work :) starting controls , text, options ... good
by guest, Aug 13, 2009
ma eh ...
by guest, Jun 4, 2009
.. manjka to in manjka ono ... ma manjka PA VSE ... drugač je pa ok
some glitches
by guest, Mar 17, 2009
X in pl closes entire program not only pl, eq does not have X close, some pixels on left and right need to be cut... but interesting skin overall