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Windows 8 Inspiration
created by: Giacomo Bianchi    More by this author (3 skins)
Windows 8 Inspiration
Total votes: 105
Skin designed by Giacomo Bianchi (JackNZ)

Downloads: 105399
Comments: 7
Jun 8, 2012
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Mr Magoo
by guest, Jul 27, 2015
I was looking for a skin just like this!! to use on my tv from bed without glasses! The size and the color helps a lot :) Thank you!
by guest, Jul 22, 2013
great idea but it needs to be smaller for sure.
That's a mold-bareker. Great thinking!
by guest, Feb 10, 2013
That's a mold-bareker. Great thinking!
by guest, Aug 16, 2012
i really like it but its too big
by guest, Aug 5, 2012
I like it but its too big. its posible to adjust the size?
by guest, Jun 23, 2012
works perfect I'd only make a little changes. To put 1 icon for Equalizer maybe in the place of the skin selector and the possibility of change the size of the whole skin thanks
Windows 8
by guest, Jun 11, 2012
Is much more useable than it looks at a first glance