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Interactive presentations, what is their essence?

Think back on the presentations you’ve sat through. Chances are, certain presentations stand out in your mind over others. Some of them might not stand out for the best reasons. But there are probably some you recall because of how engaging and effective they were.

In many cases, the BEST presentations are those that include interactive elements. So before you plan your next event, let’s discuss the basics of interactive presentations to help you get started.


What is an interactive presentation?

So, what makes a presentation truly interactive? Anytime there’s an element of a two-way dialogue between the presenter and the audience, it’s considered an interactive presentation. On the other hand, if a presenter speaks the entire time, without answering questions or asking for feedback, it’s not considered interactive.

How can I make an interactive presentation?

Thanks to advances in technology and software, it’s easier than ever before to create interactive presentations.

Here are just a few options:

  • Include live quizzes and gamification in your presentation.
  • Survey your audience and collect real-time feedback while you present.
  • Use the data you collect from these surveys to guide the course of your presentation.
  • Host a Q&A after your initial presentation to interact even more with your audience
  • Embed polls and surveys into PowerPoint presentations.

Choosing the right interactive questions

Not every question will garner the same interest or responses from your audience. To really make your interactive presentation effective, it’s important to ask the right questions.

Here are a few suggestions for creating interactive questions:

  • Choose polling software that allows you to enable anonymity features. If your audience knows they can ask questions without their identity being displayed, they’re more likely to feel comfortable asking questions.
  • Make questions as straight-forward and easy to understand as possible.
  • Moderate questions for profanity or repetition before displaying them to the audience.

The best audience interaction tools

It’s important to have the right tools on your side if you want your interactive presentations to hit the right mark. Swift by ExciteM is the go-to choice for any audience interaction and polling needs. It includes powerful features like custom graphics and branding, multiple poll types, live video integration, and much more. Learn more here.